Do I Need English Skype Learning?

This Website is specially designed for those who are going to learn english language. Everyone knows that sometimes it is very difficult to learn new language, especially when you never did it before. If to dig deeper into our brain we see that we have great abilities, but because of our imperfection we can not study quickly and often forget what we learned before.

English24 is designed to help those who learns english to get quick results, what is not possible to achieve if you are just reading any lessons in internet. Everyone knows simple truth, if you want to ride the bicycle who need to ride! If you will read about riding or learn from which components bicycle consist of - you will know much about bicycles, but you will never ride! Thats why practice is most important factor when we are talking about learning english.

Studying of english language we can divide to four main components that help us to make learning effective: speaking, listening, reading and writing. And the key factor is that we have to train every sense separately. Why? For instance, if you read many english books - you will read well, but you will never speak. That is important to understand. So will be able to speak only after spending many hours in talking.

It would be great to any way to talk freely with any people we chose. That's why i am creating this start-up, for those who like to seat at home in lovely chair and talking via Skype. Thus you can spare your time, money, and energy. You can chose anyone in list and talk about any topics you like. You also can get more information about culture of person you are speaking with, thus find more about culture and country of person you are talking to. And at any rate it will help you to broaden your experience. Who knows, probably you can make new friends there and visit some new place.

So my plan is to gather all those are studying english language under one roof and to help them to find contacts, and finally to make their life happier. I am planning to invite people from all locations in the world by using google translate feature and thus helping beginners to understand what website is about. At first i need to add my english speaking website to index of all search engines, probably to contact some bloggers to talk about me. But not sure about that, since my website is for broad audience, i even plan to do thing like to find many china people who wants to learn the language. Maybe i need to make many subdomains to promote different languages, but not sure for now, will see later what to do, since google ads are tied person cookies i think, so there is no reason to make separated domains for that.

Also i think i will use google Adwords to make some advertisement and look for people who search any "english learn" related words, it should help them to find my website. But my biggest concern is how to make my website profitable. Since i will spend some time and money to make prototype, than advertise it. So lets just wait and see what is going to happen! :)

Kind regards,